Final UCLA Blood Drive of the 2022-2023 School Year

ASB is partnering with UCLA once again for North Hollywood High’s final blood drive of the school year. 

The UCLA blood drive is also a very crucial recurring event at North Hollywood High, happening two to three times each school year. 

The drives at North Hollywood High takes quite a bit of effort from both UCLA volunteers and leadership students that work the event. Sign up recruiters work until the day before the drive. Spreadsheets for summons are to be organized, summons are delivered, ushers work the event, caretakers notify volunteers if donors feel unwell, and so on. 

This collaborative effort by the volunteers and leadership are what boosts morale at North Hollywood. 

The partnership with UCLA not only collects necessary blood from healthy students, but also promotes leadership and higher education in the medical field. 

Students and staff alike at North Hollywood are always eager to donate. 

Andrew Flores, a senior ASB member, elaborates on his multiple experiences as a consistent donator. “I always donate when they’re here. People kind of forget to do it on a regular basis so I try to [donate] when [UCLA] here.” 

Jocelyn Sandoval, the ASB Spirit Committee Chair, adds to Andrew’s statement as a previous member of ASB’s alternating Blood Drive Committee, stating, “Each blood drive is always engaging, but the last one of the year is always meaningful. People tend to donate less at the end of the year, but this drive was pretty hyped.” 

Despite many students’ eagerness to contribute to North Hollywood High’s anticipated medical event, there is an equal amount of apprehensiveness to the idea of blood. 

Jun Woo Shin, a senior ASB member, comments, “Seeing blood being taken away from me is scary. Everytime I’m at the doctor, I always look away.” In addition, he adds that he prefers holding the event rather than participating in it, and thus chose to not donate in this year’s drive. Ms. Fowzer, the ASB coordinator, acknowledges this hesitancy from students, commenting, “There’s always kids who are scared of needles and blood. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, this year’s turnout was great, so no worries.” 

As stated by the ASB coordinator herself, North Hollywood High’s 2022-2023 final blood drive was a huge success. The same is to be expected with next school year’s blood drive despite the leadership program’s new incoming sponsors!