HEA End Of The Year Picnic 23’


As the end of the school year approaches North Hollywood had another picnic to conclude the 2022-2023 school year. The HEA (Home engineering academy) picnic is one of our school events that had take place May 25th from 12 pm to 2:30 pm as a celebratory picnic to congratulate students and facilities for completing another school year in the ag area. 

Ms. Ramirez, the HEA coordinator and supervisor says “ It is a moment we take to celebrate the end of the school year with them (students) and to award them as well.” She continues to say we provide lunch for our students and have music which was from a wide range of Hispanic music to all sorts of cultural music, games, and just  wholesome fun.” 

Even though HEA isn’t the biggest academy in Nhhs, they have two coordinators—both Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Hartoonian are coordinators as well as supervisors who are the ones behind the HEA activities, field trips, resources, coordinating the mentor, helping students graduate, and more.

Ms. Hartoonian says” HEA means family and support to me.” She then proceeds to say that the HEA picnic is expected to be a good time for HEA teachers such as Mr. Harris, Ms. Silveyra, 

Mr. Kiledijan, Ms. Patanyan, the HEA counselor Ms.Ortega, HEA administrator Ms. Gonzales, and students as they celebrate each other’s accomplishments and yet another successful school year. 

The HEA picnic is not only a place to celebrate finishing the school year and spending time with friends one last time before the summer break, Mrs. Ramierez and Ms. Hartoonian will be presenting awards to students in categories such as academic scholars, most improved, being artistic, showing HEA spirit, most athletic, and those who have demonstrated leadership in their construction or business classes. 

David Tapia a senior and one of 20 people who is part of the HEA committee says his role in participating in the Picnic is by setting up, cleaning, and taking pictures of the students. He also says” My favorite part is  spending time with everyone and getting to meet our friends, and it’s also a great way to make friends for newcomers and overall new students.” 

To help create such a memorable event, HEA has a group of seniors who have taken leadership roles within the academy to help organize the event.HEA committee is filled with seniors and has meetings Wednesdays and Mondays, they volunteer for what role they want to take accountable  in the picnic,” 

Samantha Zabalaza a junior tells “ My favorite thing we did at the HEA picnic was playing games. We ate the food then after we sang happy birthday to those who had birthdays between April-July.” Zabalaza also said, “We had awards for the Juniors and sophomores.”

In addition, parents who want this to be a memorable experience for their children play a huge role by volunteering and donating items to the parent center that Ms. Hidalgo is in charge of. 

Iliana Rodriquez  a senior and another  member of the HEA Senior committee says “The best part is the ability of our community to bond with each other and the farewells because this school will be us seniors’ last chance to see our teachers .” Rodriquez proceeds to say “ I will be checking who will be coming in, as well as decorating the table with decorations and probably cleaning up afterward.” 

The HEA picnic is for all grades but sadly only students who are a part of HEA are allowed to attend. Lunch will be served and provided from outside of school.