NHHS New English Teacher


On the first day of a new school year, the perspective most viewed would be the students’ side to understand how they might feel on their first day back. Though sometimes we forget to acknowledge that there might be new teachers entering the job who may also be feeling the same way.

Mr. Gutierrez-McDonald is a first year english teacher at NHHS who walked in on the first day with a very positive attitude and lots of encouragement. He graduated from CSUN and has always been passionate about teaching. He is a very dedicated and patient person that with no doubt wants the best for his students. 

Indeed, like lower-classmen this year, he’s experienced and learned so much with time and has grown many good relationships with his students and helped them find their passion just as he did around their age. He mentions how “I’ve always known what my passion was and I chose to be an English major in college.” 

In addition, he also says how “The English teachers I grew up with really motivated me with the compliments and encouragement I received which provoked me to really be inspired and helped me want to truly become a teacher.”

Mr. Gutirrez-McDonald reflects the way he was encouraged in his students to help them succeed as well. For instance, Amy Alaniz, a freshman from his English class mentions how “He’s great at what he does, he knows how to explain anything anyone might be having trouble with and doesn’t make you feel bad for not understanding.”  She also says says how “In his class he normally asks every student individually if they need help with anything which I feel like is a great way to help students truly ask questions instead of in front of the class since sometimes from my own experience, it might feels embarrassing to ask the wrong question, and his method of helping really helps students feel more comfortable in the class.”

Furthermore, Sean Imnida, a freshman as well, also shares his opinion about the class and how great of a teacher Mr.Gutierrez-McDonald really is by sharing that “He is a very good teacher and very prepared for his first year.” He also mentions that “In his class I’ve learned how to read Shakespeare’s language for example, and I’ve also improved my writing skills.”

So with no doubt, Mr. Gutierrez has really great teaching methods that have helped develop his students in the English subject throughout the year to be as prepared as possible.

 Though another student from his class, Ellen Pak also mentions how “He’s a really good teacher and his teaching has helped me become a better writer.” She also says how “In his class the environment is very calm and has even inspired me to get into reading more since it’s become a habit throughout the school year.”

So cleary, many students from his class share how they love the environment and how he goes easy but at the same time puts dedication in helping all his students, and knowing Mr. Gutierrez-McDonald is a first year teacher with many great relationships with his students, he will no doubt bring nothing but success to his future students who are yet to experience the privilege of having him as their teacher.