NHHS Modernization Update

As many know, North Hollywood High School has been undergoing a complete renovation. On campus, construction has been going. It is estimated that the completion of this new modernized school will be in the Spring of 2026. With a budget of roughly three hundred million dollars, this is the most significant modernization project in LAUSD.

The New modernized buildings have become visible on campus. A prime example is the unveiling of the new gym during the pep rally on May 19, 2023.

Mr. Chavez, the assistant principal at North Hollywood HS has been in charge of modernization. He meets with the construction team once a week to ensure that everything is up and running correctly.

He expresses, “When the gym was opened we met almost every day for a couple of weeks to make sure that everything was completed. It’s a big  responsibility to ensure that once it’s done it’s done correctly.”

With the renovation of the school, many students are excited to be able to enjoy the new buildings, especially since the unveiling of the new gym 

Although most are more than happy that they will get to occupy the new building, the class of 2023 won’t be able to enjoy the same privilege as the underclassmen. It’s a bittersweet feeling for the class of 2023. 

Kimberly Carranza, a senior in STEM and part of ASB at North Hollywood, states her opinion on the modernization of the school.

“I’m thrilled that it is happening although we didn’t get to enjoy it because I’ve seen it first hand with the pep rally preparations and with other activities in ASB that it is going to be a really big project that is going to help many students have a different more modern experience of the school. I really loved it, as for the new gym it was so spacious and so big it is  everything high school students need for P.E.” 

Carranza being a senior expresses her discontent with not having the opportunity to experience the school’s renovation however, she is content with knowing that future students will be provided with a modernized and well-equipped school that will assist them in their education.

Adding on, Nicole Bondar a senior in SAS at  NoHo shares her thoughts on the modernization of the school. “It’s a cool concept so much money was spent on it. As a Senior I feel kind of sad I won’t be here to see it since it’s my last year. During freshman year they said that it would be done by 2023, however, that was not the case, in general, I would like to see where all the money is going and the final outcome. “

Melany Luna, a junior in STEM, feels that the school campus’s modernization is absolutely great. Expressing “It has been a while since the school got a glow-up.” 

Luna voiced her concerns about how new modern equipment will impact athletes. 

“I was shocked by the amount of rooms the gym has compared with the west gym, everything is just there in their own area. We have a  new gym to play in and next to it is a practice gym benefiting me as an athlete and other athletes who will be using it too. It feels great to know that in my remaining year, I can enjoy a portion of the new campus and its tools. “ 

As far as the construction left for the renovation to be concluded there is still quite some time before that happens. With the end of the school year around the corner, summer vacation will be taken advantage of by the people in charge of the construction.

According to the plan, classrooms  170’s 180’s, the photo room, the stem robotics room, the wood shop, the auto shop, and all the rooms in that area will all be demolished starting this summer.

Eventually, classrooms will move out of Kennedy and Frasier, fifty-seven classrooms will be in the new Colfax building. Sixty percent of the campus will be in that renovated structure.  

Mr. Cho, a chemistry teacher in K201 makes known his opinion on the renovation of NHHS. 

“I think it’s great, it’s nice for the students to have a modern building to come into for school rather than these old buildings where things sometimes are not working. It’s pleasant that we will have a building with new modern equipment.” 

Cho adds,  “I mean we all grumble and complain about it because of the volume of stuff that we have to move but it’s a one-time move so we get behind this, we don’t have to do it again anytime soon. We just roll with the punches and just get it done.” 

The renovation of NHHS comes with bumps in the road, however, teachers and staff at NoHo are understanding of the changes that are occurring.

The rest of the classes will be located in the bungalows that we have now. Those being the NB, WB  150’s and 160’s classrooms. 

Chavez comments  “ We will no longer be using the cafeteria for two years.  The west and east gym,  and auditorium will be demolished next year. So all the classrooms will be in the bungalows and, the new buildings,  we will still keep Randolph.” 

All the classrooms that will be demolished will be replaced by the new building and eventually, when the bungalows are demolished these classrooms will move into the new buildings. 

The progress that has been made so far is substantial. Although we are not at the end of the road with the modernization of  North Hollywood High School. Slowly but surely the new campus will start piecing itself together into the new modernized school.