Head Coach Ramirez Steps Down

Beloved Coach says goodbye to the team


After seven years of leading the North Hollywood High School varsity soccer team, Coach Oscar M Ramirez, also known as Coach Ram, has announced his resignation as head coach. However, the veteran math teacher will continue to teach at the school. 

Coach Ram has been the boys soccer head coach for 23 years. He has played an instrumental role in developing the soccer program and has led the team to many victories over the years. His resignation as head coach has come as a shock to many students and fans of the soccer team.

In a statement, Coach Ram expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as head coach and his appreciation for the support he has received from the school, students, and parents. He stated that “My son is starting high school soon and I would like to focus on him.” This was the reason for his decision to step down from the position but assured everyone that he would continue to support the team and attend games.

Mark Iacob, one of Coach Ram’s freshman players said that, “It is sad to see Mr. Ramirez stepping down, although he has only coached me for one year he still built a strong bond.” Also stating “Mr. Ramirez’s absence will definitely be felt by the returning players and he will be missed as our coach.”

The North Hollywood High School varsity soccer team has achieved many milestones under Coach Ram’s leadership. “The team had many ups and downs you know some seasons we made deep playoff runs and other years we were struggling to reach our goals.” says Coach Ram. The team has made multiple appearances in the playoffs. Coach Ram has been recognized for his contributions to the school’s athletic program, and his resignation will leave big shoes to fill for the incoming coach.

In the meantime, Coach Ram will continue to teach math at the school and inspire and support his students. His impact on the school community goes beyond his coaching role, and he will be greatly missed by many students, faculty members, and parents.

The soccer manager for the boys varsity soccer team Vanessa had stated that “Mr Ramirez was a really motivational coach” also stating that “Coach Ram gave the team his all.”

The North Hollywood High School administration has expressed its appreciation for Coach Ram’s dedication and commitment to the soccer program over the years. 

 In conclusion Coach Oscar M Ramirez, known as Coach Ram’s time has come to an end for the soccer team.