Sign off from the journalism class of 2023!

Message from your editors


This school year was full of twists and turns. Luckily seniors of the class of 2023 were able to be the first senior class to not deal with mandatory covid tests, masks being worn in class and quartile during a worldwide pandemic. I will forever be thankful to Mr. Gough for giving me the opportunity to be chief editor of the NHHS Arcade and I could not have done it without my team. Training trainees and shaping them into amazing proud reporters could not have been possible without senior and Social Media Editor Valeria Gopar who also was vice president of student council. Our photography was taken care of by Senior Karma Leslie who also tackled copy editing with our primary copy editor Sandhya Mathew who was a junior this year and will take on the role of chief editor in this upcoming school year. Lastly, nearly every sports article written was by our Sports Editor who is also a junior Erick Mata and will be returning next school year as Sports editor for the Arcade. As chief editor of not only the NHHS arcade but also the yearbook class of 2023 I wanted to create a safe welcoming space that brought up topics many did not want to touch. Joining the arcade gave a voice to students who felt like they were powerless. We did not shy away from topics whether it being politics or school wide. My reporters worked tremendously hard putting in the late night hours and last minute interviews. Carefully planning out the layout for their articles while tackling on there own classes or some even jobs. For the school year of 2023 – 2024 the arcade is being left in the amazing hands of Mr. Gough, Sandhya Mathew, Erick Mata, Kelsey Brinkley and Sofiya Vásquez all held leadership roles as juniors this year in either Journalism Class or the Club that is run by Janaki Gera incoming junior in this upcoming school year. 

Goodluck to all my fellow huskies and a special farewell from: 

Chief Editor: Daniella Padilla NHHS SAS Class Of 2023 (CSUN 2027 Criminology & Justice Studies) 

Social Media Editor: Valeria Gopar NHHS SAS Class Of 2023 (UCSB 2027 Film and Media) 

Photography Editor: Karma Leslie NHHS SAS Class Of 2023 (Santa Mónica Community College Administrative Justice)