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Exhibition in Activation

Sky Lopez (She/Her)

The North Hollywood High School’s Photography class just hosted its annual exhibition on May 28th, and the multimedia collaboration was favorably well received. 

Teachers from each art department gave their classes the opportunity to showcase their work in the Agricultural Garden area. Paintings, photographs, and ceramics from across the school year were sectionally displayed, and to everyone involved in the process of the show, the outcome was precious for NHHS artists. 

Hollis Jordan, the sole photography teacher and direct planner of this event, described her feelings on what was yet another successful exhibition. 

“I thought it was wonderful,” Jordan stated proudly. “I am always telling students how much people are going to love it and they always do. The success of this show is as a whole, and the student’s reactions—both creators and observers.”

Students admiring ceramics work (Sky Lopez (She/Her))

In previous iterations, this show was just exclusive to the photography of NHHS. Branching out the show to other mediums, Jordan brought in both the ceramics teacher and painting teacher, Jeanne Lavieri and Jill Gower. 

“I feel very good about it,” Lavieri said, and Gower agreed, adding that she holds the desire to, “plan on doing it bigger and better.”

The positive turnout for the show only allows for that wish to come true, as each teacher holds some shared and creatively different beliefs for the future. For what made the show successful, each of the new departments had their own answers.

“I love getting the work outside, where more students and adults can see it,” Lavieri stated, commenting on how her area of the exhibit went. “Some of the glazes looked so different out in the sunlight than they do inside, and that really made me want to do this again.”

The textile medium of ceramics naturally shined in the change of scenery, but as for painting, the students of Gower had to get creative.

“I had a core group of students show up early for the installation, the students did all of it,” Gower replied. “They made the decisions on how it looked, and I like that part of it. I think that the work is much more interesting if the students activate it, and not the teachers putting it all together.”

And that kind of sentiment was stressed from all the teachers, for all of the students from each department got the chance to choose what they wanted to put on display. This self-expressive system was nothing but a success, and with that it allows for the teachers to brainstorm the future.

“I think making the show multimedia this year helped me realize that we need to have more fluidity and integration between the different media,” Jordan began. “It was standalone, and it was the first year we did it, and we can perfect that for next year. I think we need to all work together earlier to get it together.”

Gower was on a similar page once again, stating that, “I really just hopped on the back of this one last minute, and it wasn’t really discussed as a departmental exhibition, which is a nice way to look at it moving forward. 

“What’s the best way to represent the entirety of the art department at this school?” she questioned. 

A student looking at the photography displayed (Sky Lopez (She/Her))

To Gower and Jordan, both two shows for fall and spring semesters and thematic cohesion were the main wishes. However, Lavieri differed from the too, finding intrigue in the individuality of this show, as well as bringing in more creativity.

“If we want a common theme through the mediums, it’s definitely possible. But the show stands by itself as more of individuals’ interests springing up and not something that’s been prescribed to them.”

Lavieri added that music could’ve been a great addition to the show, if the musicians of NHHS would wish to participate.

“Traditionally an exhibition is supposed to have background music, and although we don’t want to scare away any of the birds, it’s another possibility.”

That final point was well focused on amongst the teachers, as the display of this schools’ student artwork didn’t have to be confined within the AG area. The plans for the future are diverse, and everyone has ideas on what they could pitch to the school.

“What I would love for is an art tour, where people come to the actual art rooms and see students working,” Jordan stated. “They can go to ceramics or painting or drawing classes, and see what’s going on. I’d like for a more immersive gallery experience.”

A showing closer to the classrooms is an idea that can mesh with a variety of different creative avenues, and for Lavieri, she feels that a way to show artwork across the school is already in progress.

“We now have those display stands with wheels on them used for the photographs at the exhibition, and they could be brought out around the mini quad outside C Building,” Lavieri said. “We also have display cases going on all year, and although this is removed from a lot of people and it’s hard to see, I am grateful for it.” 

As both Lavieri and Jordan worked to think of wishes that had to do with the school, Gower had a different approach on what she felt gave students an opportunity to do more with their work.

“I like installations, there’s so much potential for artwork to find meaning out in the world. Off campus, I think it could be really cool to encourage more engagement in the community and the school,” she stated.

The possibilities are endless, and could not be as encouraging were it not for the success of this year’s multimedia. The teachers, staff, and students are just as easy to thank as those that contributed to the setup, and for Jordan, she had a final message on what to expect from what is now a working relationship between the departments.

“I would only like the show to expand, with more participation and more showing. We’re going to do it twice a year, right before the holidays and at the end of the year. We’re all looking at teaching more advanced classes, so we’re building a more extensive art program. Thank you to everyone who came to see the show!”

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