Black History Month Poetry Slam

A Voice For Poets


North Hollywood poets is a new NHHS club formed in September of 2022. They are devoted as a community to speaking about topics that interest them and conveying them through poems.

The club is very social and often offers the option to participate in poetry contests and fun club-related activities. Members participate in monthly poetry slams, for example, their recent one on January 24 where members read their poems to one another and enjoyed the snacks and treats provided.

Black Students Union (BSU) is a Noho Club that supports Black History and Liberation. Their goal is to give a voice to students of all races and support black culture. This club is made to inform and bring students together.

D’Ani Gumbs, the Black Student Union President states “My club’s plans are to empower our peers’ voices as well as educate others about black excellence, history, and culture; while in a welcoming environment!”

Currently, NoHo Poets and BSU have teamed up together to participate in a Black History Month Poetry Slam, which will take place on February 21 during lunch in the amphitheater, students will be able to read their poetry or read someone else’s and respond to it.

BSU held a poetry-related event last year, a poetry slam competition, but with the help of this partnership, the event will have the support of many poets.

President of Noho Poets Erica Sherkin states “I believe poetry is impactful because, really, there are no limits whatsoever.” and “Our club’s goal is first and foremost, to bring people together through poetry.

“We actually give priority to those who want to read poems who have not been in the club before when signing people up to read, because we want to guarantee their experience reading so that they can learn what a poetry slam is like.”

Secretary of Noho Poets Sofiya Vásquez states that the plans they have for this partnership are “To gather as many people to share their poetry for Black History Month and to spread more awareness about our club so that anyone who’s interested in expressing their creativity through creative writing can stop by.”

Historian of Noho poets Adriana Hernandez’s words of encouragement for poets is ”to not be afraid of showing your true self through poetry, nobody can judge you for things that have happened to you because it happens to all of us, and of course, nobody can’t tell you that your poems aren’t good enough because it’s your own world they’re in.”

The goal of this event is to give a voice to students and together both clubs will work to show the importance of Black History Month.