Mental Health Awareness Month at NHHS


As humans we all need to take good care of our mental health. It is the most crucial part of our well being. 

What are the proper ways to take care of your mental health? Ms. Leung, a PSW here at North Hollywood High School, shares some insight. She is there for the students that deal with anxiety, stress and other mental health related things.

Ms. Leung advocates that you should invest in yourself. “We often find ourselves caring for others, but in reality you should really manage some of that time and put it to working on your own well-being,” Ms Leung states.

“To maintain a positive mindset, you can look at things from a different perspective than you already do. Instead of dwelling on a negative thought you can always change the way you view something toward a positive thought,” she adds.

Here at NHHS, tips to help with mental health are being included in the morning announcements throughout Mental Health Awareness Month. Huskies were also able to participate in a spirit week dedicated to Mental Health Awareness. 

On Monday May 22nd, Huskies were to come to school in the form of a superhero. Huskies showed up in shirts with superhero logos on them and even accessories of superheroes. 

For Tuesday May 23rd, the theme of the day was sports to promote exercise & self-care activities. Huskies showed up to school in jerseys, hats, beanies, hoodies, and even themed socks to support taking care of your health.

Harry Lavine, NHHS junior, says “I thought it was a good idea to dedicate a week of May to spread awareness of mental health. Friends who are participating in Spirit Week spread it to their friends, which is very beneficial for this topic.” 

At lunch, fun activities are being held during this year’s Mental Health Awareness week, which gives Huskies an opportunity to interact with new people.

Kendra Rios, NHHS sophomore, says “I like how our school gave all these different things to do for Mental Health Awareness Month. It shows that the people that are in charge of these type of things actually take their job serious and are determined to keep the students here at NHHS entertained.”

Priscilla Guittierez, NHHS sophomore, says ¨The events held at lunch were fun, and I like how the school encouraged students to make these things possible for our school.¨

At lunch on Friday May 26th, Huskies were able to use rice and balloons to make their own DIY stress balls. Huskies were also given a chance to decorate rocks with paint. 

Logan Corcio, NHHS junior, says “I thought it was cool that they gave away the shirts for mental health awareness, I wish I got one.”

Overall, Husky Spirit was at its all time high with this fun spirit week dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Month. Huskies were given the chance to get creative and socialize with new people during the events held at lunch. 

Huskies know to not only focus on your physical health. Mental health is vital for us as human beings. Remember to give time to yourself and to not get overwhelmed by others problems while you have your own.