Things You Will Need to Survive Dorm Life

Senior year is coming to an end, which means college is right around the corner. One of the most exciting aspects of college is getting the opportunity to move away from home and dorm! If you’re a student who has no idea what to pack for your dorm, then here are some things to consider. 

The typical essentials to bring for dorms are bed sheets, dishes, utensils, shower shoes, toiletries, and pillows. Of course, some plushies if you’re into them. Also, a must-have for living in the dorms during the pandemic are cleaning supplies, such as disinfectant wipes and spray. 

Yunuen Vigil, NHHS Arcade’s former editor-in-chief, advises students to “bring a steamer! It has the same function as an iron but less dangerous to have in your room.” Most students don’t think of this, but it will come in handy when you have a presentation and your clothes are wrinkly. 

There can be too much excitement to the point where you forget to clean your room. Jennifer Diaz, NHHS Arcade’s former managing editor advises bringing a vacuum. “You’d be surprised how dirty your room can get. Also, some dorms have vacuums. You can use those, but they aren’t the best.” 

Some dorms can get stuffy or feel hot when you’re in it all day. Vigil highly suggests bringing a fan. “Some dorms don’t have an AC so you will need one! I suffered a lot my first week without my fan!” Other items to keep your room tidy are a trash can and a duster since your room will get dusty easily. 

Vigil offers another tip for those who love their whole wardrobe. “Don’t bring too many clothes. It will just take up space and you’re most likely going to shop. However, do bring clothes for every season.”

There are more things students’ might not even think about when making their packing list. Bug bites are one of the most uncomfortable things ever. To avoid them, bring bed bug sheet protectors and bug spray. For candle-lovers, Diaz advises, “Having a candle warmer would be nice if your dorm allows it. It’s great if you love candles and don’t want to constantly spray your room with an air freshener.” 

Lastly, consider bringing LED lights or a lamp. Dorms tend to not have the best lighting, which is important for studying. Also, LED lights will be a nice added, but useful, decoration. Make sure to add these items to your dorm packing list!

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