The Importance of Midterm Elections and How They Affect the Citizens of North Hollywood

History is in the making!


Karen Bass the first female elected as Los Angeles Mayor. Alex Padilla the first Latino elected as Senate.

With the results of the midterm elections coming in, citizens all across the U.S. are preparing for change at local and national levels. However, the kind of changes that occur and why they matter will vary depending on the elected officials. Questions arise in North Hollywood Senior High, where students and teachers wonder what midterms mean and whether or not their voice matters. 

All elections within the government matter, however their relevance to the people in the U.S. varies. The midterms change elected officials at the local and national levels and decide how the rest of the current president’s term will go. “With the most likely shift of power in the House, it’s gonna slow down his [Biden’s] programs. They may try to undo things he’s already done,” said Jeanne Lavieri, a teacher at North Hollywood Senior High. 

This shift of power comes as the seats in the Senate and the members of the House of Representatives change with midterm elections. The imbalance of members belonging to a political party decides whether Republicans or Democrats will overtake the House or Senate. “If the House or the Senate get overtaken by Republicans, then it will make it much harder for Biden to pass any laws or do anything,” said Christian Santillan, a senior at North Hollywood High. 

  A popular question among many Americans is whether or not their vote will matter in an election. According to a P.R.R.I. poll released last week, many Americans are ambivalent about this year’s election. However, there are those who still believe that their vote matters. 

Ms. Lavieri and Santillan both believe their votes count, with Santillan adding, “I feel like my voice matters because by not voting, I’m allowing propositions and officials that aren’t that great to be elected.” A research study done by the Pew Research Center shows that those who haven’t educated themselves on the election are more likely to feel as if their vote doesn’t matter. 

Another factor affecting voter turnout this year is the recent overturn of Roe v Wade. According to Ms. Lavierie, the overturn has deeply affected the elections this year. “It got more democratic voters out, and they voted for people who support freedom of choice.”

Elections are important because they allow citizens to vote for things that will benefit their state of living and to vote against things that they don’t like. Propositions and laws may not always be the best, however, as they may benefit only a single group of people. “The most evil one was the one trying to undo tobacco restrictions. I think they are motivated by greed at the expense of young people’s health,” said Ms. Lavieri. 

As ballots are being counted and officials are being elected, the importance of midterms is becoming more evident. New officials are being elected such as the first female mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass. There are also familiar officials being re-elected such as Alex Padilla, the senator for California.  

New policies are going to be enacted, and society has to decide whether or not they benefit the people. Voting is one of the only ways citizens such as those in North Hollywood get to change what doesn’t benefit them. The question is, however, will you exercise this right?