Paris Fashion Week

Doja Cat at the Hautre Couture show.

Paris Fashion Week is more than an event where different pieces are displayed. Many of the outfits have a background on them as to why they are designed in a certain way.

The event, which usually lasts for a week, takes place in February and September. It features runway shows, presentations, and events that showcase the latest trends and styles in the world of fashion.

During Paris Fashion Week, designers present their collections for the upcoming season to an audience of fashion editors, buyers, and other industry professionals, as well as celebrities and socialites. 

The shows are held in various locations around the city, including the Grand Palais, the Tuileries Gardens, and the Louvre Museum.

Some clothing lines that were featured in Paris fashion week were Rick Owens, Louis Vuttion by Kid Super, and Givenchy by Matthew Williams.

Many of these designers use their clothes to send a message to the public or tell a story about themselves. This is seen a lot in different shows but in the 2023 Paris Fashion Week, the media was blown away. 

Rick owens AW23 by Rick owens at the Paris fashion show Jan 19, 2023

Armando Rodriguez, a NHHS Junior, was interviewed on what he takes away from this image, and he stated that, “Rick Owens did what he always does: he comes up with something that I haven’t seen any other luxury brand make. He’s one of the most unique designers in the fashion industry.”

Louis Vuttion by Kidsuper AW23 Jan 19, 202

When highschool student Angel Santiago was interviewed on what he got from these runway outfits, he said, “I find the eye on the button up intriguing because it’s thinking out of the box, and somewhat unethically large, but it works well. I noticed the background looks like a children’s room which is also pretty interesting and gives context to the outfit.”

What KidSuper was 

Givenchy by Matthew Williams AW23 collection Jan 18, 2023

 NHHS junior Harry Lavine, when interviewed about this article, commented, “I liked the furry top on the first image, and on the second one I liked the garments that were put together. It really completes the entire outfit.”

One of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week is the Haute Couture shows, which feature one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure garments that are crafted by hand using the highest quality materials and techniques.

The Haute Couture show, which is only held in Paris, is a celebration of the art of fashion and is attended by some of the most influential figures in the fashion world.

Haute Couture week featured American rapper Doja Cat who showed up in this dress. She was decorated in red body paint and also was covered in about 30,000 crystals.

 When Ubauldo Paz, a NHHS Junior, was interviewed on this dress, he stated that, “The Dress really stood out from the rest. The crystals made me think that this is something that you would see out of a movie.”

Kylie Jenner showed up in a black dress with a lion’s head, and the details on the lion were unreal. This definitely showed how talented the designer was to make this because he used multiple different fabrics that completed this image. When NHHS Sophomore Priscilla Gutierriez was interviewed on how she felt about this dress, she said, “I think her dress for the Paris fashion week was very exquisite, and something I’ve never seen before, and I would like to see more of what this designer has to come.”

Another key aspect of Paris Fashion Week is the presence of emerging designers, who are      given the opportunity to showcase their collections alongside established names in the industry.

This provides a platform for new talent to be discovered, and helps to ensure that the fashion industry continues to evolve and innovate. 

2023 Paris Fashion Week was very successful. I liked all of the pieces that were displayed throughout all of the Clothing lines. To me this is so interesting because the different silhouettes of every piece make it so unique. Also, what really makes each piece stand out is the way it’s put on and the background to it. As I stated, the designers convey a message when they are showcasing their different pieces. It can be the clothes that the model is wearing, or even the background of the place.

Overall, Paris Fashion Week is an essential event for anyone with an interest in fashion, offering a glimpse into the latest trends and styles, and providing an opportunity to discover new designers and brands. It is a celebration of the art of fashion, and a showcase of the work of some of the most talented and creative minds in the industry.